The Priceless Importance of Leaving a Book Review!

The Priceless Importance of Leaving a Book Review!

I have a lot of New Year’s resolutions for 2018 and I plan on sharing them in upcoming posts!
One of goals is to write more often on this blog, even if it’s really brief. Another goal I have is to write more book reviews. It’s important to support other authors. Books are important and I’m going to make sure my actions speak this truth.

After all, I had mentioned that I would be doing reviews for books (for example, Shadowshaper by Daniel Jose Older) I recently read. Unfortunately, I was also in the process of republishing my first book that was orphaned after my publisher went out of business. And then when I tried to be an Indie publisher (mind you, with a full-time job, and three sons) I got disheartened with how poorly I felt I was doing compared to other authors like this guy. My husband ADORES Chris Fox. Chris has a lot of good advice, but since he was able to quit his day job, he’s no longer in the trenches like little old me so . . .

I heard one of his books, “Vampires Don’t Sparkle” is pretty good and I will have to tuck it in some time to my already overflowing schedule of Things To Do.

Anyway, if you write reviews, you’re awesome sauce.
If you’re an avid reader and aren’t putting in that extra effort, please DO! Writers NEED YOU!

I’d prefer the review any day, hands down, because then I can reward myself with a slice of pie.