Moonstruck: Book One of Waking Dream Series

Moonstruck: Book One of Waking Dream Series
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Genres: Children's books, Dark fantasy
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ISBN: 9781520831930
A recurring nightmare plagues preteen boy, Alexander Brennan, until one night . . . he decides to wrench control of his dreams. But, in the “waking” world, the solution to life’s problems isn’t simple. No matter how much he wants his mother’s cancer to vanish like matching pairs of socks in yesterday’s laundry, the sickness threatens to destroy his family. And in his neighborhood, strange sleeping spells afflict children, transporting them to a Castle in the Clouds. Curious, Alexander invades the other-world of iridescent clouds and cotton-candy. There, he meets a mysterious Moon Prince and befriends a living sun, who takes the form of a flesh-and-blood girl and calls herself Sol. In time, Alexander learns the Moon Prince desires to keep him along with the other children. Alexander will have to use his overactive imagination — a perceived flaw — in order to save the trapped children, his life in the “waking” world, and himself.
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About the Book

The night Alexander discovers he possesses the power to control his dreams, he just knows a weird school year awaits him. After he notices random sneakers hanging on electrical wires and other peculiar details from his dreams manifesting in the “waking” world, he realizes he has won the unwanted attention of someone . . . or something. To make matters worse, his father (aka Mr. Workaholic) abandons Alexander on a business trip, leaving him with his grumpy Haitian Grandpa Jean. Alexander is surprised to learn a personal secret of his grandfather’s past—a fatal, guilt-ridden secret that threatens the fate of his family.

 He follows clues between two places: the “waking” world and the alternate dream world of iridescent clouds, the home of a mysterious Moon Prince and befriends a beautiful girl named Sol, a living sun. And when his mother’s life is used against him, Alexander begins a terrifying chess game to save her and several children trapped in the world of dreams and clouds.

With his overactive imagination as his only weapon, Alexander must undo the mistakes of the past to rescue the people he loves.

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