About the Author

author_desir M.L. Desir was born and raised in Florida. She is currently a middle-school reading teacher, devoted mother, and wife. Desir’s books and stories come from discussions she has with her extremely loquacious West Indian family members, current events, myths, fairy tales, and sometimes dreams. She’s an avid gamer, food connoisseur, Zumba fanatic, and a xenophile. Forbidden: Book One of the Gabriel Lennox series, is her debut dark fantasy, a “revamped” rendition of the vampire mythos. Although most of her books are aimed toward adult readers, she has created stories for young adults and children.  To learn more about M.L. Desir, find her on Facebook at www.facebook.com/MoniqueDesirsOfficialAuthorPage or visit her other blog https://adaratrosclair.wordpress.com/.